Parental Grief Articles: 2022

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Accepting Comfort After Child Loss
I’ve met parents who continually suffer from the intense grief stage of child loss. Years after their child passed away, they relive the first moments of their loss over and over. These parents haven’t really accepted comfort from anyone or anything over their loss. And at those times when I relive the nightmare of my son’s passing, I’ve not accepted comfort either... 
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Grief and the Parental Guilt Trip
I continually hear parents berate themselves for not ‘having done more’ to save their adult child from making poor decisions which eventually led to an early death. Woulda, coulda, shoulda is the tagline of these tortured parents...
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Therapy for Traumatic Grief
We think if we can just find someone who can make the bad feelings go away, everything will be ok. So we turn to, and pay for, grief therapy.

But is grief therapy useful and worth the cost?...
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Is My Son Frozen in Time?
I see his twenty-four year old face, a face that will never age. I remember his wavy hair, hair that will never get longer or turn gray...
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My Son is Having Two Yahrzeits This Year
A yahrzeit usually occurs once a year. But sometimes, like this year, it can occur twice...
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Grief and Anger and What I'm Doing About It
Unfortunately, anger is still with me. If someone were to ask me ‘Would you consider yourself to be an angry person’, sadly, I’d have to say yes...
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Birthdays Are For the Living
My son has died. How should I celebrate his birthday?...

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