Parental Grief Articles: Jul-Dec 2021

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sitting holding hands
What To Say, (and What Not To Say), To Someone Who Has Lost a Child
Bereaved parents have different needs for different situations...
parent and baby holding hands
Can Children Die For The Sins Of Their Parents?
This doesn’t seem fair. We know that G-d is just, so what’s going on?...
chanukah candle
Lighting My Son’s Chanukah Menorah
Although sadness over my son’s passing hasn’t gone away, and never will, it certainly has changed and now goes in a different direction...
large wave over rocks
To Mourn Or Not To Mourn?
A new chapter in grief and mourning...
question marks in black and white
Why Do Good People Suffer?
This nagging question never dies...
My Rosh Hashanah Musings – Finding The Good
Rosh Hashanah is a holiday of contradictions...
woman sleeping
Do Dreams About My Child Have Any Meaning?
Every night I hope my son will come back to me in my dreams...
hand reaching up to sky with foliage
How I’m Living With Loss – Finding Grief Relief After The Death Of My Adult Child
I’m in the second year of my son’s passing and I feel like I’m still in a dream...
kotel western wall jerusalem
On Tisha B’Av G-d Is Mourning With Us
I Just Don’t Feel Sad On Tisha B’Av...

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