The Parental Grief blog offers comfort to those mourning the death of an adult child from the perspective of Jewish religious belief. Concepts such as the definition of the soul, the soul’s journey through life, what happens to the soul after death, and life in the spiritual world are elucidated from the insights of Rabbis and Torah sages. It is my hope that the knowledge and eventual internalization of these concepts will lessen the feelings of despair, anger, and guilt which we may feel after the passing of a child. 

This blog is in loving memory of Jacob Roth (Yaakov Ephraim ben Tuvia Henoch)

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Where Did All My Prayers Go?

Do Unanswered Prayers End Up in G-d’s Trash Can? I thought that if I nagged enough, I would get what I want. In fact, nagging the Almighty is even echoed in our prayer book: “Hope in G‑d, be strong and let your heart be valiant, and hope in G‑d.” (Siddur Tehillat Hashem, p.78) This passage … Continue reading Where Did All My Prayers Go?

Answering A Painful Question

Preparing for the Unexpected I’m a firm believer in the Boy Scout motto ‘Be Prepared’. I sometimes think about various scenarios and wonder how I would respond. Now, I don’t often meet new people. And now, with the Covid situation, I’m not meeting anyone at all. But if I did meet someone for the first … Continue reading Answering A Painful Question

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