Dealing With Mourning a Child and Feelings of Grief

Parents who lose a child are in a special category of those mourning a loved one. Our grief will never go away. The best a parent can hope for is to find ways to deal with this unique loss which will enable us to find the joy in life that we have lost.

Insights on Death and the Afterlife

The goal of the Parental Grief blog is to offer comfort to those mourning the death of a child from the perspective of Jewish religious belief. Concepts such as the definition of the soul, the soul’s journey through life, what happens to the soul after death, and life in the spiritual world are elucidated from the teachings of Rabbis and Torah sages. It is my hope that the knowledge, and hopefully, the internalization of these concepts will lessen the feelings of despair, anger, and guilt which a parent may feel after the passing of a child. 

Dedicated To My Dear Son

This blog is in loving memory of Jacob Roth (Yaakov Ephraim ben Tuvia Henoch), who passed away at twenty-four years of age.

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life in the afterlife

Life In the Afterlife

What Exactly is the Afterlife and What Happens There? One of the basic tenets of Judaism is belief in an afterlife. In brief, the journey goes like this: our soul first lives a life in the heavenly realms. It’s then placed into a body in this world. After an allotted amount of time, the soul … Continue reading Life In the Afterlife

happy birthday to my son in heaven

Happy Birthday Jacob

‘Celebrating’ My Son’s Birthday Well, I’m not really celebrating. It’s not like we’re eating cake and giving presents. The adjectives ‘observing’ or ‘acknowledging’ would be more appropriate. For the past few weeks, I was unsure of how I wanted to observe Jacob’s birthday. In some ways, I was dreading the day which used to be … Continue reading Happy Birthday Jacob

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