Cremation or Burial? A Jewish View

In memory of our son’s yahrzeit, my husband and I sponsored the lecture, ‘Cremation or Burial? A Jewish View’, given on Zoom by Mr. Doron Kornbluth. This presentation was hosted by Rabbi Sholom Pinson of Chabad of South Bay in California where Jacob attended school and synagogue services.

In the past, cremation was not performed in the Jewish community, and among non-Jews, the rate was very low. Now however, cremation is on the rise in the general population as well as among Jewish people. Why are people choosing cremation over burial?

Some people think it’s better for the environment. Others cite the high cost of burial over the less expensive alternative of cremation. Still others feel no need to have a lasting resting place for their loved ones. In this video, Mr. Kornbluth debunks popular ideas about cremation and makes an intellectual and passionate case for Jewish burial.

Mr. Doron Kornbluth is an internationally renowned speaker and is the bestselling author of Why Be Jewish?, Raising Kids to LOVE Being Jewish, Why Marry Jewish?, Cremation or Burial? A Jewish View, The Jewish Holiday Handbook, The Presidents (and the Jews) and Inspirational Israel. He speaks in over fifty cities a year to all types of audiences, on many subjects. Doron lives in Israel and is also an inspirational tour guide who offers fascinating tours to individuals, families and groups.

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